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Crimsafe is the industry leader in stainless-steel security screen products for homes and businesses across Australia.

For more than 25 years, our products have consistently outperformed competitor products in strength and performance tests; and have passed or exceeded Australian Standards.

Our products are proudly Australian Made and made to measure by our network of authorised suppliers across the country. Contact your nearest supplier for a free measure and quote today.

Our History

Crimsafe has been protecting Australian homes and businesses since 1996.

Crimsafe revolutionised the industry with the introduction of its high-tensile, woven stainless-steel mesh screen, with a unique Screw-Clamp system that fastened the screen to the frame with a vice-like grip.

The result was a tremendously strong yet extremely versatile security screen that provides good airflow, visibility, insect protection and a streamlined appearance that enhances the look of your home.

Today, Crimsafe is a household name and continues to set new benchmarks in the industry with its innovation and development.

There’s a range of products for every application

• Doors – hinged, sliding, fixed, bi-fold, French and stacking doors.

• Windows – fixed, hinged and sliding windows.

• Safe-S-Capes® - Crimsafe’s keyless emergency exit system.

• Patio and outdoor enclosures.

• Balustrades and walkways.

• Fire attenuation screens.

• Bushfire and cyclone debris protection screens.

Why choose Crimsafe

Crimsafe is stronger than the competition. That’s no boast, just a fact. We use thicker mesh and a Screw-Clamp system that is proven to be significantly stronger and more resistant than our competitor's products.

Crimsafe looks great. Our stainless steel mesh provides maximum security without the intrusive appearance of bars and grilles. Powder-coated mesh and frames provide simple, clean lines that enhance and complement your home or business. You get maximum security, with a great view.

Crimsafe improves your energy efficiency. Up to 40% of household heat gain and loss occurs through glass windows and doors. Installing Crimsafe over glass windows and doors improves the cooling and heat retention energy efficiency of a building. It’s verified by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

Crimsafe gives you a quick exit in emergencies, even while keeping the bad guys out. Our unique Safe-S-Cape® is a keyless exit system that is easy to use from the inside, but still provides complete security and protection from the outside.

Crimsafe is corrosion-resistant. Crimsafe screens have endured 3,000 hours of prohesion salt spray testing, simulating 30 years of environmental exposure, with no corrosion, no loss of adhesion and no blistering.

Crimsafe provides a minimum 10-year warranty. That’s 10 years’ peace of mind. Some of our products have an extended warranty of 12 and 15 years. That’s how confident we are that every product lives up to our exacting standards.

Crimsafe produces Cyclone Debris Screens for use in Regions C and D, passing Australian Standard tests that simulate the impact of flying debris at up to 392kph.

Crimsafe Fire Tuff® screens are bushfire compliant to the highest risk rating, and tested for fire attenuation, reducing the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 59%.

At Crimsafe, we’re more than talk. We’ve got the results to prove every claim. Find out more about our product testing.

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